Fitness and Health goals 2019

Now that I’m well and truly entrenched into my 50’s, my health and fitness are becoming much more important to me.  Both of my parents suffered from heart disease both having multiple heart attacks during their lives.  On my fathers side one of his sisters and his father both died in their 50’s from major heart attacks.  A few years ago now, I too had my own heart scare!


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It’s been quite a while since I did a post on some de-cluttering.  Hubby and I have been slowly working through some of the bigger rooms in the house, but my craft/dump everything no one knows where to else to put it room has been solely my job to do!  My goodness what a job it has been.

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Here we are again!

Into 2019 we go.  Last year just flew by with little time spent here on my little blog.  It was such a full year with so many things happening, but little of what I wanted to share on this blog.  It was a year spent privately celebrating more family milestones and just staying in the moment with those close to me.  This year feels like it will be a little less hectic with more time to just be. Continue reading

Why I love Cootharaba

It feels like such a long time since I have been here.  I’ve popped in and read all my favourites, but just haven’t felt inspired to do any of my own blogging.  I know lots of other bloggers feel like this at times too, so I’m hoping it has just been a season I’ve been through and I get back to it!  This is where Cootharaba, our 6 acre property, has helped me!

Eucalypt Forest

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Well, it has been winter!

I feel like it has been an eternity since I visited my blog!  I have really missed being here.  Every year winter just seems to take a hold of me  and all I want to do is hide and hibernate.   We’ve still been doing lots of things and having little visits away, I just haven’t been interested in sharing them.

Time to get back into my space here!  Here’s a quick update, mostly photos, of what we’ve been doing over this cold season!

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Here & Now – July 2018

Once again I’m joining in the Here and Now with Sarah from Say Little Hen.  It’s a wonderful catch up every month and a great way to discover other blogs.  Pop on over and have a look.  You won’t be disappointed!








Loving //  Spending quality time with just hubby on a little winter holiday camping trip.  Enjoyed time with friends for a few nights too.  Love discovering new places!  Post to come soon on this little trip away.
Eating //  Lots of healthy warm meals.  Always a struggle to keep to weight friendly meals during this time of the year.
Drinking //  Probably too much wine while away on holidays!  Still enjoying a nice coffee in the mornings and nice herbal teas the rest of the day!
Feeling //  Relaxed and raring to go for the next term of work.  Also quite cold in our airy old house.  Thank goodness for the gas heater which is currently running trying to warm up this old home!
Making //  I’ve been crocheting a scarf while we’ve travelling around this country of ours.  It’s been a nice easy project.  Now just to keep the momentum going and finish it!
Thinking //  Of trying a six week challenge that’s going on at my gym.  I’m heading off to an information session on it, so I’ll let you know how it goes.  This body of mine can do with all the help it can get!
Dreaming //  So many things.  The next lot of holidays, only 10 weeks now!  The weather warming up again.  How to remain in this relaxed state I’m currently in while I’ve been on holidays!

That’s it for another Here & Now round-up.  I’m looking forward to getting back into a little more regular blogging.  I really miss it when I’m not blogging!  Hope you’re staying nice and warm or cool wherever you are!


AnnetteSay Little Hen.