Recycling Changes

As I mentioned in my Here & Now – April 2018 post, our household has been inspired by a series on the ABC called War on Waste.  It really brought home to me just how much rubbish we all create!  I always thought we were quite good recycling as a family, but boy oh boy, have we got improvements we can make.

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A Crochet Update

It’s been a while since I made an update on this little blanket I’ve been working on.


I managed to get quite a bit done on it while we were away on our beach tour, not as much as I had hoped though.  I was really hoping to have had it completed by our return, but we were having so much fun on that holiday, there just wasn’t enough time!

With the Commonwealth Games being televised and me still being on holidays, I’m confident the next update in the next week or so, will be a lovely finish!

I already have other projects going through my mind!  My hands certainly won’t be idle for long!





A Beach Tour

It’s been a while since my last post, I know!  Life just got in the way and then hubby and I went on a little holiday!  We had three wonderful weeks, just the two of us, travelling down the coast of New South Wales.

We had been hoping to have no plan and just wing it as we went.  After looking into some of the camps right on beaches we realised we actually had to book these camp sites.  We always prefer to camp in National Parks instead of Caravan Parks.  We found quite a few on the beach up and down the coast of New South Wales.

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Crochet Update

Not too much to report on the crochet front this week.  The weather up until yesterday had  still been quite hot and humid.  Not the best weather for crochet.  Today the rain has been falling with more forecast over the weekend.  Bliss!


My garden enjoying the lovely rain!

I did manage to get a few rows done over the last week and hopefully I’ll get a chance to add to it over the cooler weekend.  I sat in front of the Winter Olympics and worked a few rows.  I was actually trying to absorb some of the cold snowy weather to cool myself down.  Unfortunately that didn’t work.


Looking like a clam shell!  Poor rainy day dark light photo!

Not too much longer now until Autumn arrives.  Hopefully the weather will start to cool down too!




Crochet WIP

Have I ever been enjoying working on this new blanket of mine.  There’s nothing like the rhythmic row after row of crocheting.  It is the perfect project for watching a little telly at night or squeezing in a few spare moments in the morning before work.

Here it is…


I’m hoping to make this a quick project so I can over to my little friend.  I know she will love it!



A Little Tour of Our Own City

The weather yesterday in Brisbane was wet and cool.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all.  Friday’s temperature was the coolest February day we have had since 1961!  It made a nice change from the heat and humidity we’ve been having.

Anyways, with the wet weather there wasn’t a whole lot of outside work able to be done.  Yes there is always plenty of inside things to do, but we decided a day out in our own city would be a nice way to spend a few wet, rainy, cool hours.

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A New Crochet Project

I haven’t done any crochet in soooo long!  I’ve missed it.  It dawned on me over the summer holidays that crochet would now be my favourite type of crafting.  It’s normally something I can do anywhere anytime, just so portable.

Living in the subtropics in Australia, there really is only so many crochet blankets or quilts (another favourite thing of mine) our household needs.  I think I maxed out the need long ago.  So how do I  fulfil my need to crochet?

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