Meal of the week 24 July

Another busy week in the Eucalypt Tree house, so nothing too adventurous made it onto the menu this week.

The growing every minute teenage boy picked his favourite, pad thai.  As he is still recovering from major dental surgery who was I not to oblige!
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Menu planning-lets talk about it!

Living in our busy world as we do, I don’t think I would cope without a little forward planning.  I’ve always been a person to plan and have things organised.

Doing a weekly menu plan to feed my lot, including a non-stop growing teenage boy, is a must do activity every week. Continue reading

Meal of the week

As mentioned in my last post I cooked from a new to me Cookbook.  Hubby and I like to browse through one of the op shops near to our property and both seem to always come out with something.   have been slowly building up a collect of fiction books, but this cookbook caught my eye as I have been known to buy the odd delicious magazine and have liked their recipes. Fir only $2 how could I resist?

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Crochet Project

My crafting project ufo pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Oh why do I have to keep on working when there is  so much craftiness fun to be had!?

Crochet is certainly  high  on my list of craftiness fun I’m currently enjoying.  Last count I had 4 projects on the go but 1 in particular has my full interest at the moment.

I’m call this blanket The ANZAC. ANZAC being an acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. Continue reading

Meal of the week

In the Eucalypt Tree house hold we certainly love our food.  Food is quite often in our conversations, how, what and when we will be eating.  What new ingredients we want to try.  The more varied the better.

Lots of inspiration comes from the many cookbooks we own and the different cultures we like to explore.  New ingredients in our house are always welcomed. Continue reading

Eucalypt Tree Introduction


Hi, and welcome to my blog Eucalypt Tree.  I’m Annette and I come from the beautiful sunshine state, Queensland, in Australia.  Happily married and the mum of two nearly adult children.  We are currently planning our escape to live and create on our 6 Acre property on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

I’ve been following blogs for a few years now and have learnt plenty  about living simply, cooking, gardening and crafting and thought maybe I too could make a contribution to the online world with my own adventures. Continue reading