Meal of the week

In the Eucalypt Tree house hold we certainly love our food.  Food is quite often in our conversations, how, what and when we will be eating.  What new ingredients we want to try.  The more varied the better.

Lots of inspiration comes from the many cookbooks we own and the different cultures we like to explore.  New ingredients in our house are always welcomed.

I will be doing a meal of the week post every Sunday to keep me inspired to try new recipes and ingredients.

Lamb Shank.jpg

Stock photo

This weeks meal of the week was a robust Plum and rosemary lamb shanks with a beautiful sauce of red wine, stock,  worcestershire sauce and plum jam.  Oh so yum.  We ate it with mash potatoes, steamed cauli, carrots and beans.  No photo was taken of our actual meal, completely forgotten about in my anticipation of just eating.  Note to self to remember to take photos!

Feel free to comment of your meals of the week.  The more inspiration the better!



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