Eucalypt Tree blog name – how it came to be

The name for the blog was an easy one to choose.  Eucalypt tree has a lot of meaning to me and the future we plan on having.

I might have been born an Aussie city girl but my heart lies in the good old Aussie bush and nothing says the Aussie bush like Eucalpyt Tree.DSCN1419

My favourite Eucalypt Tree

After both the children have finished study and flown the coup, or we fly before them, our plan is to settle in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland on our 6 acre Aussie bush property with the name Eucalypt in our address.  The property is full of eucalypt trees and lots of other native plants all attracting a huge array of bird life.

The property is already working its magic on us.  It is a place we go to for weekends to escape the craziness of city living.  A place full of peace and promise for our future lives.  It is this place that our hearts already reside and we know it will not be too far away before our lives will be permanently there too.

This beautiful piece of paradise will have lots of appearances  in this blog as it is such a big part of our lives.  I hope you enjoy getting to know this beautiful piece of Aussie bush here at Eucalypt Tree.



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