Crochet Project

My crafting project ufo pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Oh why do I have to keep on working when there is  so much craftiness fun to be had!?

Crochet is certainly  high  on my list of craftiness fun I’m currently enjoying.  Last count I had 4 projects on the go but 1 in particular has my full interest at the moment.

I’m call this blanket The ANZAC. ANZAC being an acronym for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.


First ANZAC blanket square

I started to crochet this blanket on the long ANZAC weekend while away at the property. Perfectly named I would say. My beautiful daughter brought back for me some beautiful NZ wool when she was there earlier in the year and I’ve added some beautiful Australian wool to make a small lap blanket.  She has fantastic taste in colours and chose to suite my love of country colours.

I’ve never crocheted with 100% wool before.  Oh the joy of it.  It is quite a heavy blanket and I’m only about 1/3 of the way there.  Perhaps not quite suited to our subtropical climate but it is such a pleasure to work on and I know will be a treasured blanket for a long time to come.


ANZAC blanket so far!

Off to do some more squares for this beautiful piece of work.



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