Meal of the week

As mentioned in my last post I cooked from a new to me Cookbook.  Hubby and I like to browse through one of the op shops near to our property and both seem to always come out with something.   have been slowly building up a collect of fiction books, but this cookbook caught my eye as I have been known to buy the odd delicious magazine and have liked their recipes. Fir only $2 how could I resist?


I chose to cook Moroccan chicken with olives.  I omitted the olives as no one in the family particularly likes them and I knew it would have no effect on the overall flavour of the dish.

It was an easy dish to cook with all ingredients readily available in my kitchen. I decided to add some roasted mixed vegies to it as well seeing has we had been a little light on eating them this week.

My Moroccan chicken… loved by all. Gotta love a winner.  This dish will certainly be appearing on our weekly menu again.

Morrocan chicken



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