Menu planning-lets talk about it!

Living in our busy world as we do, I don’t think I would cope without a little forward planning.  I’ve always been a person to plan and have things organised.

Doing a weekly menu plan to feed my lot, including a non-stop growing teenage boy, is a must do activity every week.

I usually spend a late Friday afternoon, quite often with a glass of wine in hand, and plan what we will eat the following week.  I like to ask for input from family members so everyone gets to chose one of their favourites.  We do have our favourite weekly dishes but we do try to mix it up a bit.


Always a family favourite – Thai chicken red curry

The pros I find in making a weekly menu plan:

  • to be organised
  • to use ingredients already sitting in my fridge, freezer, pantry
  • to actually use some of the many cooking magazines and cookbooks
  • to prevent cooking and eating boredom
  • to eliminate the ” what will we have for dinner” on coming home from work
  • just because I LOVE to do it!

I recommend you give menu planning a go.  You just might find you like it.

Have a great Friday.



2 thoughts on “Menu planning-lets talk about it!

  1. I used to menu plan to get through our fruit and vege box delivery each week. If I didn’t plan, we wouldn’t finish our vegetables before the next box arrived. Now that I shop every second day, I tend to be a bit more relaxed and just buy what ever I feel like cooking. I guess I menu plan a couple times a week now.

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    • I’m still guilty of not always following my menu plan and wasting food at times. It just makes me feel more organised and generally works. We’ve got to do what works best for ourselves for sure.


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