Family challenges

Roses (2)Whenever a family challenge is thrown into the works so many things just don’t seem as important.  My big boy had some sad news about a friend through his scouting years which affected him and our family sadly.  It’s times like these we need to stop and re access.

As a mum for me it is to try to slow down and look at my family for who we are.  Show lots of love and support whenever needed.  As for the teenagers, I think it brought home to them what matters in life and keep on working towards the life you want to lead.

My big girl started uni last month after spending 18 months since finishing school a little unsure where her life was heading.  I’m so proud of her.  She has shown real commitment and so far so good, she is really enjoying this student life.

My big boy , hubby and I went along to a university open day that he his hoping to be accepted into next year.  It was a fantastic day and gave him a real perspective of where his life is heading and his excitement is quite contagious.   Only 12 weeks to go but who’s counting.

I’m now counting on life getting a little back into to some kind of order.  I have plans to get on with and am enjoying a lovely cup of tea while typing away here.

Tea break blogging.jpg

Planner and a nice cup of tea – perfect!

Enjoy your day.





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