Sew it goes

My first ever real love in the creative world has been sewing.  Sewing my own clothes since I was a teenager.  Once the children came along I was able to indulge my love by creating them so many outfits

I’m fortunate enough to have my own sewing room to create in with out ever having to pack things away.

My pattern stash is endless and I never tire of checking out more patterns.  I feel I’ve also reached a bit of a crossroads in my choice of patterns.  I have so many patterns which I now feel may be a little too young for me.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that the number 50 will be heading my way early next year.

So in my search for a better fitting style of clothing I made a lovely little purchase of patterns recently.  I never pay full price for my patterns, they are just way too expensive.  To my excitement Spotlight – a store full of everything crafty and home decor- had a great sale of all patterns (except Vogue of course) for only $5.  If your a member you got an extra 10% discount.


A little glimpse of what jumped into my hands! 

Now I just need to sort out my fabric stash to see if anything suits.  I feel there may also be a fabric stash building outing on the way.




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