Farmers Markets

A good way of saving money and knowing your fruit and vege is fresh, is by shopping at the Farmers Markets.

We’re fortunate in where we live as we have a few different Farmers Markets running on Saturdays and Sundays.  We’ve tried a few different ones, and now have our favourite.

carseldine markets.jpg

Our current favourite Farmers Markets.

On a Saturday morning we like to get up early, no matter what the weather, have a quick coffee and head out the door.

I’ve always made a menu plan the night before and have my list written.  I do also have a good look at the different stalls to see what looks really good and will usually add this into my shop.


Some of this weeks haul. Those strawberries were so, so  sweet!

These markets also have stalls selling clothing, skin care, candles etc.  On the odd occasion I can get big girl out of bed early, we will often have breakfast there too!

If you haven’t already begun shopping at a Farmers Market, I highly recommend it.  You might find yourself hooked!






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