Boondall Wet lands – walk #1

I recently bought this book from a social book club service which operates at the school I work at.  It caught my attention immediately!

Brisbane’s Best Bush, Bay and City Walks.  It has information for 35 different walks in or close to my home city of Brisbane.


The book!

The first walk hubby and I chose was one relatively close by.  The Boondall Wetlands walk.  It was only a short walk of about 2 kilometres round circuit. It took us under 1 hour.  Normally we walk at a much faster pace, but we kept stopping to look at lots of things.

Here’s a little pictorial of our walking adventure…


The entrance to the walking track outside the Environment Centre…


The flat walking track takes you through some lovely eucalypt forest and wet land areas …


Everything was so green for this time of year…


The red and green of these tiny succulents were gorgeous…


A cute little bird watching hut…


The view from the hut…


And looking the other direction…


We finished the walk with a little company…

It was a lovely way to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon after spending all weekend catching up on house hold chores.  It was all free and we even got our step count up for the day.  All in all a very good afternoon I’d say.

Now where’s that book.  I need to start planning for walk #2!!




3 thoughts on “Boondall Wet lands – walk #1

  1. Hi Annette,
    Thanks very much for commenting on my blog. Boondal Wetlands is a place I keep meaning to visit but never get around to but your post has encouraged me to make the effort again, perhaps even next week. I love the colour of the red and green succulents in your pic. Also, thanks for the book title. I also recently picked up a book by John and Lyn Daly. It is called Family Bushwalks in South-East Queensland. It mainly has a lot of short walks but it’s a great resource of all the small reserves within Brisbane that we don’t often know about as well as the National Parks. I love short or long walks. There is always something to see and enjoy. I really like the look of your blog! 🙂

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    • Thanks for the positive comments re my blog Jane. I’ll have to have a look out for the John and Lyn Daly books. I love going for short local walks on the week ends. I hope you do get out to Boondall wetlands. Try to get out while it is still a little cooler. It would be a very hot walk to do in the middle of summer. Enjoy. Annette

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  2. Hi again,
    I made a mistake with the name of the authors of the book I mentioned. It was actually written by Mark Roberts and Gillian Duncan. John and Lyn Daly wrote some other good hiking books. Sorry about that. 🙂

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