Camp fire cooking

When we stay at our gorgeous property one of the things we enjoy doing the most is cooking on an open fire.  The sound of crackling timber and the smell just takes you into the land of relaxation and simplicity.

We begin preparing the fire for our cooking a few hours before we actually need to put the meal on.

The amount of time required to prepare hot enough coals all depends on the type of timber you are using.  We’re always there to relax so for us it doesn’t matter how long this takes.


Wood pile.JPG

A little of our wood pile

On our last visit it was only hubby and I.  Unfortunately the young adults of the family are so busy in their lives with study and work taking up most of their weekends, they rarely come with us these days.

Camp fire cooking.JPG

Just the beginning of getting the fire going

This particular week end we chose to cook a casserole on the fire.  When we cook a casserole I put all the ingredients into a pyrex dish which then sits into the camp oven.  This serves two purposes – 1. We are left with a clean camp oven ready for use again and 2. I know if I fill the pyrex dish to about 1/2 to 3/4 full it is enough to feed the two of us without having to cook any rice or pasta to go with it.  And that means less cleaning up to do at the end of the meal.  Who wants to be dragged away from that fire to go and clean up all the dishes!

Lamb casserole prep.JPG

Lamb casserole prepped ready for the fire

I went to our local store and bought some beautiful lamb chops and fresh vegetables with a pre-mixed seasoning mix, (sometimes you just need to keep it simple) and we were set to go.

lamb casserole.JPG

Lamb casserole- camp fire style

That was a very tasty casserole to have while watching a little caveman TV!

We’re looking forward to our next adventure.  It can’t come along soon enough.

Enjoy Annette



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