Crafty storage

I’m currently enjoying two blissful weeks school holidays.  In previous years the weather during these two weeks has been quite warm.  In my part of Australia we don’t normally have much of a spring, may be a few weeks if we’re lucky.  These holidays have seen us have a cooler spring break.

The cooler weather is great for gardening and getting into the crafty thing though.  And there’s plenty of that to get into around here.With my never ending growing pile of craft projects waiting to be started and all my UFOs on the go some clever craft storage is a must.

For my bigger projects like quilting and crochet, I like to keep them in big baskets.  It makes it easier to see them and to cart them around in.

My small projects like, cross stitch or embroidery I have been keeping them in smaller baskets or tins or any other bag I could get my hands on.  To be a little my organised with my craft projects I was looking for a better storage solution.  It needed to be clear so I could see what I had in side and it needed a lid to keep the dust and dirt of my precious crafty projects.

My solution to this …

crafty storage.JPG

They come in a range of different sizes

They come trays inside which come in handy for my different threads, thimble and scissors.


Handy little tray

I’v already got one all packed and being used.  I’ve since found out they are perfect to take with us to our property.  Ready to be picked up any time for a little bit of stitching.





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