It’s a mess

I think this would probably be the worst way ever to try to organise what next to sew.


There was a method in all my madness though…

I store all my fabrics and my sewing patterns in a completely different room to where I keep my sewing machine.

One of the first days of my school holidays, a rainy one at that, I gathered all my fabrics from the stash and my many many patterns and just threw them onto my sewing room floor.  In my head I thought this would then make me actually sift through every one of them and not just glance and think “yeah nothing in there taking my fancy” and going out and buying yet more fabric.

I have since turned that big pile of mess into a well organised production line.  I have a pattern attached to every piece of fabric and then placed in order which they will be turned into a magnificent item of clothing for the summer.

Stay tuned.  Two items have already been sewn and just waiting to be photographed.  Then they will be revealed.





One thought on “It’s a mess

  1. Well done! My poor sewing machine is feeling very neglected underneath a pile of boxes and bags in my “mess” room. I am not a sewer unfortunately! I admire your ability to stick to projects. 🙂


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