Noosa – a little walk

Well we are just back from a lovely break up to our property in the Noosa hinterland.  Three very relaxing nights.  Just to make our little place a little more friendly, I like to put some homegrown flowers on the table…

cootharaba arrival.JPG

To give us a break from the work that needs to be done around the place, we are slowly discovering new walks in the local district.  Noosa national park is one of our favourites.

Any one who has gone to Noosa national park only knows too well how incredibly difficult it can be to get a car park and enjoy piece and quite there unless you go extremely early in the morning.  We left it a little late leaving so decided to give the main park a miss.

We decided to drive up to the Noosa reservoir.  We were rewarded with a beautiful view.

These are all looking down to the beach in Noosa, and one out to the beautiful mountains which is not far from where our property is.

We notice at the bottom of the hill a bit of a track and decided to check it out.  We were surprised to see quite a nice sandy walking tracking with different side tracks to follow.  We both thought the tracks would lead to one of southern beaches so off we went in search of the beach.  As we were walking along there were signs telling us we were in part of Noosa national park.  We didn’t realise after all the times we’ve been in this area it belonged to the park.  I didn’t get too many photos unfortunately.  Walking with hubby doesn’t allow for too much stopping some times.  When we got to this hill, we both thought the beach was probably just over the other side…


But no, it wasn’t.  We did from some beautiful Aussie natives flowering though…

This is how far away from the beach we were…


That blue in the distance is the beach!

We decided to leave finding the beach for another walk as it was now getting quite late in the morning and quite hot.  I think our spring has finished and we are now heading into our summer.

I hope you have enjoyed a little look into my local walking areas,  well local if you call a half hour drive away.

Back to work tomorrow after a lovely two week break.  Only a short school term as we’re taking holidays earlier and going to Tasmania before the schools all break up.  Can’t wait.




One thought on “Noosa – a little walk

  1. Gorgeous blues! I love our native flowers as well and prefer a bunch of them to the exotics usually. They are great for attracting the birds aren’t they? I’ve not been walking in the Noosa area yet. I’ve often wondered how crowded the Sunshine Coast is. I’ve been to the Glasshouse Mountains but that’s it. It seems if I want to check out the national park, I’ll have to get there early! A little tricky when I live in Ipswich. It’s certainly heating up again and the mozzies and midges are thick already…yep, summer has arrived! 🙂


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