Tasmania #3 National Parks and other beautiful places…

Well, what can I say.  The natural environment here in Tasmania would have to be the most beautiful I think I’ve seen.  We did a few short walks to see some beautiful waterfalls and beaches. Then some much longer walks up steep rock faces to find a magical view.

Tasmania is home to World Heritage listed forests. We were fortunate enough to visit.  The first was the Gordon River. This area is home to the very beautiful Huon Pine.  These trees are now quite rare.


Gordon River

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Tasmania #2 – Port Arthur

For those who are unaware, Port Arthur was a Convict Penal Station for secondary offenders between 1833 and 1877.  Some of the remains are still intact for visitors.  It is situated on the far south of Tasmania on the Tasman Peninsula.

We arrived at Port Arthur mid afternoon.  We quickly went to the Historical Village and bought our tickets.  The prices aren’t too bad.  $37 each which gave us two days admission, a walking tour and a boat tour on the harbour as well.  Money definitely well spent.

The weather was quite cloudy and drizzling with rain.  We didn’t let it stop us and off on the walking tour we went.  The guide was so informative, and entertaining as well.  She gave us a lot of detailed information which was perfect for when we walked around ourselves.


The remains of the Catholic Church

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Tasmania- #1

There is so much to see and do in Tasmania.  We were only there for two weeks and knew from the start we wouldn’t get to see and do everything we wanted.  We had a rough itinerary planned and all the accommodation booked.  We wanted to spend time in the city,  the amazing national parks and visit places of significant historical value.  I think we managed to achieve this along with eating some fabulous food along the way. Continue reading

Where have I been?…

Well it certainly has been a very busy few weeks!  Our son finally graduated from high school, had his formal and has been and returned from a trip to Japan with his sister.  As I said in my last it was an emotional time.  The pure joy and excitement of watching him graduate along with four of his best mates who he has been at school with since year 1. Six years old!  It was a lovely journey for all the boys family’s to watch it together and celebrate a job well done! Continue reading