Where have I been?…

Well it certainly has been a very busy few weeks!  Our son finally graduated from high school, had his formal and has been and returned from a trip to Japan with his sister.  As I said in my last it was an emotional time.  The pure joy and excitement of watching him graduate along with four of his best mates who he has been at school with since year 1. Six years old!  It was a lovely journey for all the boys family’s to watch it together and celebrate a job well done!After a very late night (early morning) return from celebrations packing was completed ready for a 5 am alarm.  Being the good parents that we are, the delightful children were delivered to the airport.  Along with some teary farewells (from the mother only!) our goodbyes were made. See you in two weeks kids!

These two young ones were not to be the only  ones enjoying themselves.  While the kids were away hubby and I decided to take a long overdue holiday alone, 20 years overdue, and off we flew the next morning to Tasmania.  What an amazing and beautiful place.


Cateract Gorge – Launceston

Over the next week or two I’ll be doing some blog posts all about our fabulous time there.  There is so much to talk about I couldn’t possibly do it in one post.

And in case it had slipped by you, it’s suddenly turned into Christmas time.  I’ll be doing some posts about the craft I’m doing and the food I’m making.  It is without a doubt one of my favourite times of the year.




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