Tasmania #2 – Port Arthur

For those who are unaware, Port Arthur was a Convict Penal Station for secondary offenders between 1833 and 1877.  Some of the remains are still intact for visitors.  It is situated on the far south of Tasmania on the Tasman Peninsula.

We arrived at Port Arthur mid afternoon.  We quickly went to the Historical Village and bought our tickets.  The prices aren’t too bad.  $37 each which gave us two days admission, a walking tour and a boat tour on the harbour as well.  Money definitely well spent.

The weather was quite cloudy and drizzling with rain.  We didn’t let it stop us and off on the walking tour we went.  The guide was so informative, and entertaining as well.  She gave us a lot of detailed information which was perfect for when we walked around ourselves.


The remains of the Catholic Church

The rain soon became a little too heavy to be comfortable (umbrellas and rain coats back at our accommodation) so off to our accommodation we went.

We stayed  at Stewarts Bay Village which has great little cabins in a bushland setting.  The rain eventually stopped and the sun came out again.  By this stage we decided not to go back to the Historical Village, and to go for a walk around the bay.  What a beautiful setting it is.


Stewarts Bay

The following day we woke to a glorious sunny day.  Off we went to explore again….


The Penitentiary (1857)


The Church (1837)


Commandant’s House (1833)


Hospital (1842)

As you could only imagine I have so many more photos I could share, but I’m sure you would all give up looking with boredom.

Port Arthur to Hubby and I was such an important place to visit on our trip to Tasmania and we will treasure it for a long time to come.

We know we will be back to continue exploring.

My next Tassie talk will be on some magical national parks and other World Heritage listed areas.






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