Tasmania #3 National Parks and other beautiful places…

Well, what can I say.  The natural environment here in Tasmania would have to be the most beautiful I think I’ve seen.  We did a few short walks to see some beautiful waterfalls and beaches. Then some much longer walks up steep rock faces to find a magical view.

Tasmania is home to World Heritage listed forests. We were fortunate enough to visit.  The first was the Gordon River. This area is home to the very beautiful Huon Pine.  These trees are now quite rare.


Gordon River

The other was Cradle Mountain.  This was also on our bucket list of places to visit.  How amazing it was.  We did some fantastic walks here.  One extremely hard one straight up a rock face with chains to help!  I found it quite a challenge as I’m no where near as fit I was once and I have a little problem with heights!  I managed to get to the top, with a lot of assistance from beautiful hubby, and I was so glad I did.  The view was amazing.


Near the top of Marion’s lookout-I’m not looking too impressed!


Looking down to the two lakes

We’re saw some little animals too on our walks…


A little shy!


Cheeky Wombat

So many walks, so many pretty places. Here are some random photos…

I could write many more posts on our trip to Tasmania.  I’m sure I would bore everyone to tears.  Many happy memories were made.  I think we now have a taste of travelling again alone with out teenagers tagging along.  Look out world!

Now to get into everything Christmas.




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