Simplicity – 1668

1668 simplicity.jpg

I made my first finished make for 2017! A lovely cool summer dress, Simplicity 1668.

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The decluttering continues

The decluttering continues here at Eucalypt Tree.  This time is was my sons room.  Before he took residence up in this room, it was once my sewing room.  The little room was perfect for a sewing room with big cupboards for storage. He has been in this room now for eight years and to his horror I still had bits and pieces in his room! Continue reading

Back to work

After almost nine weeks holidays I’m ready to head back to reality.  It’s been an eventful nine weeks.  So much has happened, so many exciting things.

It all started with our youngest graduating from school, with he and his sister leaving the next day for a great trip to Japan. Hubby and I spent two fabulous weeks touring around Tasmania, our first holiday without children since they were born.The academic results of both children.  Our oldest finished her first semester at uni and did really well.  The youngest achieved great results and got an early offer to the university and course of his first choice.

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Girraween – first camp 2017

Hubby generally takes some holidays this time of the year and we always make it a camping trip.  We had a few ideas about different places we could go, all of which we have been to before.  We were hoping to make it to The Clarence river region to do some canoeing, but the weather forecast  was for extremely hot temperatures so that was a NO!

After nearly a week of planning leading to our little holiday with lots of checking the weather and temperatures, Girraween National Park was our choice of destination.


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A little de-cluttering

I’m now into my 7th week of holidays.   I know, poor me!  After spending a couple of weeks in Tasmania then back home to get ready for Christmas and the New Year all I’ve been able to see around the house is mess!

I finally got all the Christmas decorations away and gave the house a really good clean.  Then I sat with a good cup of coffee and worked out a plan.

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2017- Balance, Simplicity, Joy

These three little words are the words I intend to live by in 2017.  I don’t usually make New year resolutions or plan any big goals as I believe in letting the year roll and just see what comes.

I thought I would try living by these words for a little more guidance  and see what happens.  There are big changes happening in our little household in 2017 and it is a journey we are all looking forward to.

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