2017- Balance, Simplicity, Joy

These three little words are the words I intend to live by in 2017.  I don’t usually make New year resolutions or plan any big goals as I believe in letting the year roll and just see what comes.

I thought I would try living by these words for a little more guidance  and see what happens.  There are big changes happening in our little household in 2017 and it is a journey we are all looking forward to.


Ready to start the year!

We go into 2017 as a family with no more school children.  Formal education has been in this household for the last 16 years.  As much as we have loved every moment (well almost every moment!) of these years we are all looking forward to a different household.

We will have both children attending university so along with these challenges, it also gives them and us more independence and our own lives to live.  Hubby and I are greatly looking forward to many adventures as just the two of us again.  We can’t wait!

Another big event is the year of turning the big 50 for me.  I’m trying to embrace the idea and hoping to work out how I want to go into this next decade in good health and making many more happy memories with my family.

2017 is going to be a year for hubby and I to get back to doing the things we always loved doing before children came along.  We’re hoping to discover camping without all the gear that comes with camping with children we seem to have collected along the way.  We’ve been going through our camping books and book marking interesting places.  After the bush walking we did in Tasmania, it has reignited our love for it and this will be on the agenda as well.  We should be able to get to our property more often and start working on our fruit tree gardens and clearing some land in preparation for the eventual move in a few years time.

I’m also hoping to reacquaint myself with so many ufos.  It would bring me an awful lot of joy to finally get some of these finished.  My sewing machine hasn’t seen too much action of late either, so that too is on my agenda to get some joy from.


My friend the sewing machine

I’ve also been thinking how I blog.  I’ve given myself some slack with how I’ve blogged since I haven’t been blogging for too long.  I feel I need to give it more direction and change how I have been blogging.  I feel I try to cover too many subject areas.  I tend to read other blogs and get influenced by what they have written about.

My intentions for my blog for 2017 are to make it a little less personal.  Not too much talk about my children and our personal lives.  I’m wanting to get back to writing about what I initially started writing about.  What matters to me.  My craft, cooking, gardening and the new adventures hubby and I will be discovering again.

Well that certainly felt like a bit of a rave there.  I hope I didn’t loose too many people along the way.

Okay I’m off to start 2017 the way I intend to go.  A lovely cup of tea and a little stitching with one of many… ufos.


A pleasant afternoon I’m hoping to enjoy more often

Happy 2017 to all.





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