A little de-cluttering

I’m now into my 7th week of holidays.   I know, poor me!  After spending a couple of weeks in Tasmania then back home to get ready for Christmas and the New Year all I’ve been able to see around the house is mess!

I finally got all the Christmas decorations away and gave the house a really good clean.  Then I sat with a good cup of coffee and worked out a plan.

Generally over the summer holidays we like to get in and give a thorough clean and de-clutter to at least one room in the house.  These holidays it was the kitchens turn.  Especially my poor kitchen hutch.

You know how we all have a piece of furniture in the house that everything just gets dumped on.  Unfortunately I have more than one piece, but it was this piece I was going to work on today.

The kitchen hutch holds some of my collection of old china which has been passed onto me from my mother and both my grandmothers, none of which a alive today.  These pieces carry a lot of sentimentality for me.  I’m trying to decide whether to keep all of these pieces or get rid of some so as to make more space in the house as we slowly prepare to downsize.  I think fortunately sentimentality won out today.


The kitchen hutch – after a good clean and tidy.

I didn’t get a photo of the before.  I think I may have been too embarrassed for that!

That’s one room down, too many more to do to get too excited just yet.  I know by de-cluttering, helps me to keep the house clean and tidy without feeling I have a mountain to climb to get it done.

Step one to a more simple balanced 2017.





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