Girraween – first camp 2017

Hubby generally takes some holidays this time of the year and we always make it a camping trip.  We had a few ideas about different places we could go, all of which we have been to before.  We were hoping to make it to The Clarence river region to do some canoeing, but the weather forecast  was for extremely hot temperatures so that was a NO!

After nearly a week of planning leading to our little holiday with lots of checking the weather and temperatures, Girraween National Park was our choice of destination.


Girraween National Park is approx. 3 hours drive south-west of Brisbane in the Granite Belt region.  It truly is a spectacular part of the world.  There are big granite boulders everywhere and a dry forest.



There a quite a few walks to do here, varying in length and difficulty.  We were spending three nights at Girraween, but unfortunately hubby had been quite unwell with the flu so we were limited by his stamina and wellness.

The first full day we had there was spent relaxing around the camp ground and a drive into NSW to Tenterfield.  Tenterfield is such a beautiful country town which appears to be thriving.  We picked up some supplies and headed back to camp for a little more relaxing.  It did the both of us the world of good.

Next day hubby woke feeling a little more energised, so we decided on a walk.  We chose to do the Junction walk which is a flat walk following Bald Rock creek.  We took our time and had plenty of stops for water drinks as it was quite hot.  We were the only ones on the track there and back this day.  So peaceful.  I’ll let the photos do the talking…







The walk took about two hours which wasn’t too bad considering all the rest stops we had!

The following day we packed up and off back to Brisbane.  After many, many camping trips it was a breeze packing up this time.  It was our first camping trip without the two children (adults!) since pre kids.  So much easier and a lot less equipment with just the two of us.


We arrived back home to a few days of scorching hot temperatures.  Hubby is back to work tomorrow and I’ll be back mid-week.

Holidays you have been fun!





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