Back to work

After almost nine weeks holidays I’m ready to head back to reality.  It’s been an eventful nine weeks.  So much has happened, so many exciting things.

It all started with our youngest graduating from school, with he and his sister leaving the next day for a great trip to Japan. Hubby and I spent two fabulous weeks touring around Tasmania, our first holiday without children since they were born.The academic results of both children.  Our oldest finished her first semester at uni and did really well.  The youngest achieved great results and got an early offer to the university and course of his first choice.

Then we celebrated Christmas and New Year.  What a great start to the year! We’ve had mini holidays away and are all feeling relaxed.

So tomorrow is the day I return to work.  I work in education, and even though the children don’t return until next week, there is a lot to get organised in a school. My mind will be tested as we always have training to do while we have no students.  I hope I can cope!

I start each year with a restock of my pencil case with new pencils and erasers for the children’s use – they never seem to have their own when working with them.  I’m like a kid in a lolly shop, trying to choose which stationery to buy.  I love new stationery.


After wearing my coolest (temperature, that is!) clothes and getting around with no shoes or thongs at best for most of the last nine weeks, it’s a little difficult getting used to the idea of wearing work clothes and shoes again.


I’ve got the meals planned for the week. I’ve got all the washing done. I had a trip to the hairdressers for a refreshed colour and cut.  I finally think I’m organised.  Now to see if I can get out of bed on time.

I will miss you summer holidays, but that’s okay, I only have ten more weeks and then we are on Easter holidays again!







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