Menu planning 2017 style

Everything I try to keep myself organised and on track when I’m working, having a menu plan for the week would be the winner.  I generally write it out on a Friday or Saturday afternoon, depending if I’m able to make it to my local farmers markets on a Saturday morning or if I do just a big grocery shop on a Sunday.


This year I am really trying to use my cookbooks more often. I have so, so many of them!  I’m hoping to cook a new recipe from a cookbook each week as well as doing some baking from one too.

I’m changing things a little this year.  Now we have two university students in the house so we’ve decided the four of us can have a night of cooking.  That gives me only four nights to organise for myself and hubby plus the two kids can have a night each too.  I’m hoping this will put a stop to the boredom  of cooking the same meals every week.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this!

The young ones have proven themselves to be quite competent in the kitchen so we are looking forward to some new taste sensations.  I may even do a monthly blog post of our new recipes we are trying.

I’m hoping these plans will help me with getting balance, simplicity and joy back into our lives.

Let me know your thoughts on this new idea of mine or how you organise your menu plans. I would love to hear them.




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