The decluttering continues

The decluttering continues here at Eucalypt Tree.  This time is was my sons room.  Before he took residence up in this room, it was once my sewing room.  The little room was perfect for a sewing room with big cupboards for storage. He has been in this room now for eight years and to his horror I still had bits and pieces in his room!I discovered all sorts of things hidden in that cupboard.  Unfortunately I now have a few more ufos to add to the collection! There was more fabric to add to the stash and patterns I had long forgotten.


Old Embroidered doilies- project to be – unknown yet!

We discovered some baby items from the children’s early years.  You forget how much they have grown until you look at their baby clothes!


I even found a large plastic tub full of old family photos that once belonged to my parents.  I had no idea I even had them.  I’ll be putting away some time so I can sort them out and give them to my siblings.  There were even birth congratulations cards for one of my brothers!  I seem to have been the one in the family who was trusted with everybody’s items.

It took son and I four hours to sort through his little room.  Probably only two cleaning and two spent reminiscing!  It was well worth the time and quite an enjoyable time spent with my boy.  He was quite happy with the end result, a nice tidy and decluttered room with more space for him!


The pile ready to go to the charity bins!

Two major rooms decluttering completed.  That’s a great feeling!




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