Sewing Plans


During my decluttering here, I have spent some time tidying up my little sewing area.  My fabric stash just seems to be multiplying by the day!

While I was enjoying my, what seems such a long time ago, holidays I made quite a few trips to Spotlight to pick up different craft and sewing bits.  While I’m there I’ll always check out their clearance table.   Every time I looked there seemed to be another bargain  waiting for me.  How could I resist when they kept having extra 20 – 50% off the already marked down price! Not me!

Along with these great fabric bargains they had some good pattern sales as well.  I managed to add to my ever growing pattern stash as well.




I’ve been going through my new fabrics and trying to match them to a good pattern.  And this is where my problem lies.  When I’m purchasing these great bargains I’m guessing as to how much fabric I’ll need.  So sometimes I’m ending up with odd amounts, either not enough or I’m left over with too much fabric but not able to use it to make something else.

So I’ve decided I’m not going to buy anymore fabric until I’ve used up all of the stash!  It’s a big ask but I like a challenge!  I’m going to look at what is needed in my wardrobe and try to fill in the holes.  With our life taking a different direction this year and more adventures to be had a few dressier clothes are needed as well.

So my sewing intentions for when all this fabric has been turned into some lovely outfits is to only buy fabric once I have a chosen pattern and to stop impulse buying odd amounts.  To do this I think a list of fabric requirements to match patterns kept in my bag would be a great help.  Lets see how this idea goes.





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