A Birthday and the heatwave!

18th celebration.jpg

We have a very big birthday happening this coming week.  Our big boy is turning 18 and will be turning into an adult.  Where those last 18 years have gone to I have no idea!

He wasn’t wanting to have a big party but he did allow me to organise a family celebration instead.


The decorations ready for the day!

We ended up with 17 people for an afternoon of celebration which was quite a nice number to entertain without too much trouble.  We chose to have a few nibbles, barbecued some beef, chicken and sausages served with salads.  Finished off with a beautiful chocolate mud cake.  His favourite.


It was a lovely afternoon. Our big boy enjoyed himself and was pleased we organised it for him.

Every one who came seemed to enjoy themselves despite the dreadful heat.  On Sunday it got to 39c and was extremely hot and humid.  We all sat on our back deck and had a slight breeze which kept it bearable.

That’s another big celebration down for the year.  I’ll be the next one with the big 50.

I’m going to enjoy the cooler change we have here today and get ready for the heat to rise again as the week goes on.  We’re expecting 34c and 35c again by the week end.

Try to keep cool if you’re in Australia!




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