A little rain and a WIP


We have been having the most incredible heat for summer this year.  I always thought I coped well with the heat, but not any more.  We have been having heat waves that seem to last forever!

Finally on Sunday a little relief came our way in a little bit of rain.

Just looking at these photos cools me down.

It start off as expected storms but thankfully we just got some rain.  Not too much in the afternoon.  Just enough to cool things down a little.

During the night though I was woken by quite heavy rain.  We ended up have 25ml of rain.  The plants and gardens looked much happier this morning.

As the temperature cooled I decided it was time for a little bit of crafting.  With the heat I haven’t been making much progress on any of my WIP.  Just way too hot.  I’ve been flat out just trying to get the necessary jobs done!

This was my chosen piece to work on…


I started making this blanket early last year.  It has been a way for me to use up all those pesky ends of balls.  When I started I had no idea what I would use it for, but I do now.  We have something special coming our way this week and this little blanket will be perfect.  All will be told in due time.

I’m hoping the weather stays a little cooler.  I’m happy working away on this little project!




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