We Bought a Camper Trailer!



The proud new owners!

We finally got to pick up our brand new camper trailer.  We have been researching the purchase of one for two – three years.  And now we finally have one!

The purchase of the camper trailer is just the beginning of our future lives as we begin planning for our retirement in three – four years, hopefully!

We’ve never set up a camper trailer before, so we decided to take it to our property so we could set it up without the eyes and giggles of fellow campers.  Once we sorted out the poles and all the annexes we managed to get it set up without any arguments!  It did take us more time then what we thought but we got there in the end.  We know the more we use it the quicker it will get.




We opened and shut every possible drawer and storage area.  We took all of our camping gear with us and set it up in the new trailer.  It has drawers under the stove and sink area to store all our cooking and eating utensils, plates and cups.  On this side there is also a pull out storage are for all our food storage and another pull out storage for a battery operated fridge/freezer.


On the other side is a pull out storage area for all our cooking pots and pans, kettle, strainer, cutting boards and bits and pieces.  This side also has the opening for our 100L water storage and a great area to store our little Webber Q bar-b-cue.

Hubby was the first one to try out the new stove and cooked our first dinner. This little guy thought dinner smelt good too and wanted to join us.  He liked the smell so much, he kept trying to come to our little area all night!


Our dinner guest – the possum!

To say we are really happy with our new camper trailer would be an understatement!  We just love it.  We’ve got a couple of trips planned for the next couple of months so we can really test it out.  The possibilities are endless.  So many plans!





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