Well that’s February gone.  February is always a busy month for us.  Just getting back into the routine of things and then celebrating our sons 18th.  It certainly flew by.

Did I manage to find Simplicity, Balance and Joy in my life? I think I could definitely say yes to that!

The family has kept up with cooking some of the meals during the week.  Both kids have now started uni again for the year, so I’m not sure how much cooking they will help me with.  They both have some later nighttime finishes, so this could make it trickier.  I know I’ll have to organise our meals so they can be easily re-heated when they arrive home.


I’ve spent some time decluttering.  I finally got around to sorting through old photos from my family home and all of my dads books.  My beautiful dad lived with us for seven years and after his passing three years ago, I’ve still been unable to sort through his things.  With  our sons 18th birthday lunch with family, I thought it would be a perfect time to sort through it all and pass it on to other family members.  I still have a big box of unwanted books but I’m now quite happy to pass them on and clear some space here in my home.


There has been only a small amount of craft going on.  It’s been way too hot to get comfortable to do too much.  I have been crocheting my blanket from long ago.  I’ve now decided this is going to make its home in the new camper trailer.


My favourite part of February? Picking up the camper trailer.  This is what I know will bring so much Simplicity, Balance, Joy to our lives.

Bring on Autumn.  I’m well and truly ready for a cooler change.





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