The Vegi Garden

With the incredible heat we have had this summer in Brisbane, my poor old vegi garden hasn’t seen too much action.  I’ve still had herbs growing, but not much else has survived.  I did try some lettuce, but the soon bolted to seed!


Look how dry and brittle those poor herbs look

With the beginning of autumn, I thought now might be the time to start growing something extra in this little garden.  I bought some seedlings to get things growing quicker rather then starting with seeds.  I really enjoy growing and using herbs so I added some parsley and basil to the mix.  I also bought some lettuce and zucchini to plant out too!



I gave the bed a good dig to loosen it up first, I must feed it.  It is dry!


Happy little plants waiting to be watered

I’m limiting what I plant this season.  I’m just going to stick to the vegies I’ve had success in growing.  Nothing more frustrating when you plant out a whole garden full and nothing really flourishing.  I have plenty of success with these crops.  I must get some asian greens too!

Here’s to some cooler weather and some rain would be helpful too!




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