Here comes the rain…

During the middle of the day yesterday Cyclone Debbie hit north Queensland!  Enormous amount of damage has been made, but fortunately no fatalities!

A day later and these coastal towns are now receiving even more large volumes of rain, and it is heading south down the coast towards Brisbane.

From past experience with cyclones, it turns into a low and generally affects Brisbane with lots of rain.

We’ve prepared our gardens for the influx of water.  The projected forecast for rain is exceeding 200ml (approx 8 inches) per day for the next few days.  I’ve been shopping for extra groceries and grabbed any other things we needed.  I’ll be keeping off the roads as much as possible.




Bok Choy


Mulched and ready

I’ve got one day of work left before school breaks up for two weeks for our Easter Break.  I wish the rain would hold off for one more day so I don’t have to head out to work in it.  I’m lucky though I walk a short distance to work so I won’t have to drive in it.

As I’m writing this the rain is starting to fall.  I’ve plenty of things to keep me occupied while the rain falls.  I’ve got a lovely crochet project to show.  All will be revealed next week.

If you’re a local, stay dry!




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