Here we are in April. One quarter of the way through 2017!  What a month March was.  I feel like the year is slipping away, but March was extremely busy as we celebrated my big 50th in a big way.  I never thought I would say “I’m sick of going out eating and drinking all the time.  I need to stay home !”  That is what I’m planning on doing most of April.

There wasn’t too much simplicity or balance during much.  I can tell by how my clothes are fitting at the moment to know there certainly wasn’t much balance!

There was a lot of joy though!  Not too many photos to show.  Shows who the photographer is in the family!


One of many candles I blew out during March!

With the children now completely absorbed in their uni work, they’re aren’t cooking too much neither.  That was to be expected. Hubby is doing some more cooking though, so that is a good thing.

I did get some crochet finished which was good.  I’ve since started a new project for a very special friend.  I’ll be showing that off later in the week.

My vegi garden is coming along beautifully.  We did end up getting quite a lot of rain at the end of last week thanks to Cyclone Debbie.  The forecast for the rain was so intense that the government closed all schools for Thursday and Friday and encouraged all businesses to send their staff home.  As this was the last week of school before our Easter break all school children and staff started holidays earlier!

We woke the next morning to a pretty sunrise and a surprise…



The banana trees didn’t quite make it!

One good thing to come out of the rain are cooler temperatures.  The humidity has gone!!  I’m even finding myself pulling up a light blanket at night.  Bliss!

We have some lovely quiet plans for April.  Starting with a long overdue trip in the camper trailer.  Our first one out in the real world.  I hope we remember how to put it all up!

I’ll be taking some craft with me to do and a few good books to read.   So for the first couple of weeks in April while I’m on holidays this is what will be happening,  Craft, sewing, cooking and reading now that’s Simplicity, Balance and Joy in a nutshell!

What are your plans for April?




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