A Very Special Blanket

I’m currently crocheting another blanket.  I do seem to remember me saying I wouldn’t be starting any new projects this year until I had at least finished a good number of WIP, but something very special happened and it just had to be!

A lovely lady I work with is expecting her first baby.  It hasn’t been a very easy ride for her and her husband to finally get to this stage.  She has been through so much stress in the last six years.  Her mother died under dramatic circumstances and her family fell apart.  At the same time she had just taken up a teaching role at the school I work.

She was single and felt like time was slipping away from her.  Two years later she met a wonderful man who would later become her husband.  They desperately wanted children but this seemed to elude them to the point they felt like giving up.

Last year I spent quite a lot of time working closely with her.  For some reason I felt that 2016 would be the year they would conceive.  So much so, I went out and purchased some yarn to make a baby blanket for them.  I never got around to starting this blanket and nor were they to conceive.

baby yarn1.jpg

When school resumed  this year she seemed so relaxed and at ease.  She let me in on her little secret, YES she was expecting and was already 4 months.  Oh, did we ever have a good cry together.  Trying to contain the excitement and not tell everybody until she was ready was tough.

So now those lovely little balls of yarn have begun to emerge into a very special blanket.  She won’t tell me if it is a boy or a girl.  The original colours I chose all those months ago will suit either boy or girl.  The feeling I get with every row after row of crochet is pure love.  I’m getting so much joy crocheting  this special little blanket.  I know they will make the most amazing parents and the love this little bundle will receive will be priceless.


I’ll be taking this little project with me camping this weekend.  Expect to see a lot more progress.




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