Holiday Round Up

Easter Bunny and eggs.jpg

I meant to get back here this last week, but it seems our relaxing camping trip had the right effect and I was too relaxed to even open my computer!  So round up time for the holidays before I head off back to school tomorrow! Sigh…

Well as mentioned in my last post we headed away for a few days camping in the camper trailer.  It was our first venture out in public!  We surprised ourselves with our ability to get the trailer all set up without even a cross word!  It didn’t take us too long which is so much nicer after setting up camp with tents and all of the paraphernalia we have always taken with us.


A cosy little corner inside the trailer


Afternoon drinks and nibbles while listening to the birds!

It was a really lovely campground.  It was in a State Forrest Park about two hours drive north of Brisbane.  Even with it being school holidays it wasn’t too crowded.  There were a few different walks leaving from the campgrounds which we took advantage of.  Here are a few photos from our walk and around the campgrounds…

Sorry for the photo overload.  Be thankful, I had a crazy amount of other photos I’ve could have bored you with!

We packed up at a nice gentle pace after three glorious days there.  It’s always a shock to the system returning back home to Brisbane and the mountains of washing we always seem to gather whilst away.

This past week I had a few appointments on most days.  You know the ones, all the regular medical checkups we must get.  Never anything to worry about just a little annoying taking over the last of my holidays.

Not too much time was spent on my baby blanket, but I did get quite a bit done while camping.


I’m certainly enjoying this project.  When I’m back to work this week, life should regain more of a routine and this beautiful blanket will feel the love of me working my way with it.

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.




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