Crochet Update

I’m well and truly overdue in a little update on my Special Baby Blanket.  I had been getting along really quickly with this project until we went on our little trip away.  I had planned on getting all the rows done and all the threads sewn in before our return, but…


Look closely at the white row! 

In a completely different light than at home, I noticed a difference in the white rows I had last done.  It was at this point I started new balls of yarn and the colour was different!  Ugh, not happy!  My original white was a little off white and the new one I bought was a bright white.  Lovely hubby did suggest we try to get some while we were travelling from point A to B, but not a store to be found that sold this yarn unless we wanted to travel a couple of hours in the other direction.  So needless to say it sat unloved and as is until our return.

The very next day I was out buying the correct yarn and we are happy again.  This has set me back in my schedule but it won’t take long to catch up.  I spend every evening working on it, and yes I’m still loving it.  I’ve work out I only have another three repeats of colour to go then sewing in all those ends.  I’m starting to think of a border for it.  I’m open to suggestions if you have any!


Nearly there!

So that’s where I’m up to with this special little blanket I’m working on.





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