Some Weekend Simplicity

Some weekends you wish would never end.  Occasionally I’ll have a weekend and everything just feels right.  The ones which feel restorative and simple.This weekend wasn’t anything too special, but is was oh so good.

My weekend begins on a Friday, and this Friday past was spent going for a morning walk and drinking coffee with my girl.

Saturday, hubby and I got up early and went off to our local farmers markets and bought the weeks fresh fruit and veges.  We used to do this every weekend once but somehow got out of the routine.  The produce is so much nicer than what you get from the supermarket and oh so much cheaper.  We then had a lovely roast pork with family for dinner.  Sorry no photos of such dinner, too eager to just hop on in!

Sunday was another lovely peaceful day.  A little washing and household chores mixed with a bit of relaxing and maybe even a little afternoon nap!  I’m currently trying to update the decor of home and got some new bed linen and bathroom towels.  I’m also adding some indoor plants to brighten things up too.

The best bit though would have to be finally finishing weaving in all the ends of my special baby blanket.  I’m all set for a night in front of Masterchef and crochet.


Hope you all had a wonderful week and feel refreshed for the week ahead.




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