June already?  This year is just going too, too fast!  Must be all the fun I’m having.

The month of May saw much more Simplicity, Balance and Joy in my life.  We’ve been keeping things simple without too many pressures.  The whole family seems nice and relaxed at the moment.  I know this won’t last as both children are about to head into uni exams!  That’s when we all feel the pressure.

I’ve been trying to gain more balance with my health in what I’m eating and exercising I’m getting.  I’m still going to yoga once a week and getting a few walks a week in too.  I get many more walks in when we’re away in our camper, but I just don’t have as much time at home.

I’ve been cooking most nightly meals from these two books trying to regain balance in my eating.

I’ve been busily crocheting away on my special baby blanket.  With any luck I’ll be finished by the weekend and a big ta dah will be coming.

Without a doubt the thing that has given me the biggest amount of joy would be our times away in our camper trailer.  For those non-campers, I’m sure this is hard to understand.  For us, it is just the perfect lifestyle.  We have so many more plans for trips away.  It won’t be the last time you’ll be seeing photos of our trips away.

I know June is going to be another great month.  Starting this week end with time spent at our property in the Noosa hinterland.  It’s been a while and we are really looking forward to spending some time there.  Now that I’ve nearly finished by blanket I’ll be working on some old WIPs.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful month of May.




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