Just Couldn’t Resist

I am trying really, really hard not to keep purchasing any more fabric or sewing patterns. Obviously I have absolutely no control what so ever when it comes to purchasing these things!Last Friday I had myself booked in for a remedial massage to get the tension out of my upper back, neck and shoulders.  To make it more affordable I go to a training academy where the students are well supervised and nearing the end of their training.  Instead of paying $80 – $100, I only pay $30 for an hour.  Money well spent.

Anyway getting back to the fabric purchase!  Around the corner from the academy is one of my most favourite fabric stores.  “The Fabric Store”.  I always find it can be a little hit and miss for me when I go there.  This time however was definitely a HIT!


As yet I have no real plans what I’m going to make from these lovely fabrics.  Sometimes that can be the fun bit trying to match them with a pattern.

On my way home I planned on some grocery shopping.  My naughty car took a detour into Spotlight and look what I bought here…

I couldn’t resist the patterns.  I never pay full price for dressmaking patterns and Simplicity were three patterns for $12.  I picked up a metre of this very pretty fabric and for this one I’ll be making a top from one of my new Simplicity patterns for summer.

I think during the next school holidays (only one week to go!) I might be spending some time with my sewing machine.

Do you find it difficult to resist adding to your craft addictions too?




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