Half the year gone already!  June was such a mixed month for us here.  There have been some highs and some lows.

Both the kiddos finished off their studies for the semester and have been enjoying some relaxing down time.

Hubby had a birthday this month and to celebrate big girl and I took him for a long week end trip to Melbourne.  One of the reasons for going is he and big girl are real art fanatics.  The Van Gogh Seasons exhibition was on at the Victorian Gallery.  It was fantastic.  This trip will have a post all of it’s own.  So many great things to talk about in Melbourne.


We’ve now started school holidays here in Queensland.  Hubby is now taking all school holidays off with me.  He was over being jealous of my eleven weeks holidays a year so decided to join me!  It was a very busy last week of school with three days of athletics carnivals to work through.  We all deserved a very big holiday after that week.

The holidays started for me with an incredible stress.  The afternoon of my last work day, I received a phone call from my big boy.  He had left that day on an overnight hike, alone, and had become lost.  As it was late in the afternoon there was not a lot we could do.  We made the necessary calls to police and spoke to the State Emergency Services to organise a rescue operation the next day.  Without going into too much detail, a very stressful night  was had with not much sleep had.  What should have been a five hour return rescue ended up taking nine hours.  Even the expert Map readers had trouble with the map for the area he was in.  No wonder he got lost.  A big hug and a few tears were shed once he was back beside me.  Next time I think he’ll head into a less challenging area.

After this eventful start to the holidays, hubby and I decided to head off for a few days to our property.  This is somewhere we can really relax.  Which we did with some fantastic fire cooking and a few wines.


A nice lamb roast was cooked on the coals from this fire!


The lake a few kms from our property!


A little planning to try to calm down July!

I really feel that was a long rave this post.  Sorry about that if you kept reading to the end.

Looking for to July, and hopefully a lot more calm in the house.




3 thoughts on “June

  1. Oh gosh I’m so glad you found your son, some of those hiking areas are super tricky. It’s a good thing he still had signal to warn you. Did you have your sports festival at UQ by any chance? We were actually wondering what was happening there at the beginning of last week but reading your post it was probably a sports festival! I hope you have great holidays and that you get plenty of time to relax after you this stressful start! 😘

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    • Hi Emma, We’ve been away in the camper trailer, so yes we have had a good time relaxing! Our sports days were held locally at our school, but at this time of year I would imagine in was a sports carnival. All ready to head back to the craziness Monday! Enjoy your week end!

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