I recently mentioned we spent a long week end in Melbourne.  Oh, we love Melbourne so much.  We probably went at the coldest time of the year, but it was great.  Melbourne is known for rainy cold weather, but it didn’t rain one little drop while we were there.  Our main reason for visiting Melbourne was to go to the Van Gogh – seasons exhibition at the NGV.  It didn’t disappoint!

Once we decided we were going,  we bought tickets to the exhibition first and then booked our flights and accommodation.  I’m glad we had pre-purchased our exhibition tickets, as it was sold out when we got there.  Hubby and daughter are real art crazy!  I love it, but these two are just crazy!  Here’s a few pics of his paintings-

My favourite would definitely be the Carnations and Wildflowers. I bought a glasses case with this print on it and just love it.  I also got a great tote back with the top painting on it!  Great for carrying craft on the go in.

One of the other things we loved about Melbourne was the food!  We ate out breakfast, lunch and dinner and found some great little places.  So much cheaper then what you would ever get in Brisbane!  I think our favourite would have to be an Italian restaurant we had lunch in at Lygon Street in Carlton.  We had spent the morning walking around Queen Victoria Markets, the food there is amazing, and had worked up quite an appetite.  Even though we were hungry, I still asked what there serving sizes were like -“Madam our entree’s are what you would most likely get as a main at most restaurants.”   Ok, I think we’ll go entree size.  I’m so glad we did, none of us could even finish this size.  We couldn’t believe the bill when it arrived, $60 for three huge meals, complimentary bread, and a glass on wine each for the three of us!  Fantastic!

We spent our last day in Melbourne doing a little shopping and just generally checking out the CBD.  On this trip we didn’t venture out of the CBD area.  We just really wanted to go to the gallery and eat and enjoy the CBD living.  Something we don’t normally do in Brisbane, but gee we enjoyed ourselves.

Some random photos of Melbourne,

After all that eating that week end and all the eating we did the last two weeks on holidays, I urgently need to start using my healthy cooking books again!



ps. In case you wondering, big boy didn’t want to come with us.  He’s not into that “arty stuff thanks”.  I’m sure he would of changed his mind if he knew what the food was like!



3 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. Oh so much fun!! You’ll have to give me the name of that Italian restaurant, it looked amazing! I really like Van Gogh, I went to see his paintings with my mom when I was still living in Europe 😊 it was amazing too

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