The Decluttering Continues

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the decluttering going on here at Eucalypt Tree.  It seems to be something we are constantly working on.  It may not always look like it but it certainly feels like it.  This weekend I decided to do a little bit in my craft room!

I always find this a really difficult room to work on, and not because it has most of my craft supplies in here!  It seems to be the room where everything nobody knows what to do with gets dumped. I was quite happy with what I did achieve.


Off to the charity bins for this lot!

Not all of the bags in the above photo came from my craft room.  I recently cleaned out the linen closet and some of these bags have old sheets and towels.  They had just been dumped into my craft room waiting to be taken to the charity bins.  I got rid of quite a bit of fabric.  I’ve had fabric given to me by friends and work colleagues over the years and I’ve just kept them waiting to use them for something.  I finally decided after all this time, I probably wasn’t going to use them so sent them off to someone who may.

I’ve left myself a nice little job to do at night in front of the telly!  I’ve been collecting craft and decorating magazines for many year now.  This is a small collection I had sitting in my craft room to go through.  I’m slowly going to sort through them and just take out the things that interest me and file them into some pretty folders I’m yet to buy!  I’m hoping this will be easy to do!


Some of the boxes waiting my attention!

I managed to reorganise quite a bit of my craft room which felt really good to do.  I’m much more creative working in an organised area.

Here’s hoping for more creative items coming our way!




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