Starry quilt – ta dah!

I actually managed to finish this quilt!  It felt like I was stuck on it for ages, but managed to finish it quite quickly in the end.

I wish I could remember how long ago I started making this lovely quilt.  Maybe that would be scary to know, as I know it was ages ago.  It has been a long time since I did much quilting.  I seem to be more into crochet and dressmaking these days.  I do have more unfinished wip quilt tops to work on, so this won’t be the last quilt you’ll see from me.

Here it is, the finished starry quilt ta dah!!

starry quilt

starry quilt-chair

I’ve pulled out another wip to begin work on while we’re away for a couple of weeks. I’m planning on getting quite a bit done on it.





Strike while I can

Not sure where the time has gone, but it certainly hasn’t been spending time here on my little blog.

I’m blaming all the winter ills going on in this house and just getting through the rest of winter.  As discussed before, it certainly isn’t my favourite season!

Even most of my crafts have been put on the back burner.  Today that changed a little. Continue reading


Well it certainly is nice to be back working on my quilt again.  I went quite a few weeks there without even touching it.  Looks like I’m back into the creative groove!


It does help when I can work on it in such a peaceful surround.  I’ve managed to get four more stars quilted since I last checked in on this WIP.  Only TWO more to go! I’m feeling pretty confident these two stars will be well and truly done in the next week.  I may even start the quilting  around the borders.


Hope everyone is having a great week!




Inspiration is what I’m looking for.  I’ve fallen deeply into a real rut and I need to get out. Nothing is getting my attention at the moment.  That lovely quilt I had been working on and said I would have finished by end of August, uh, that won’t be happening!

I’m blaming the winter season.  I seem to get like this towards the end of winter every year.  I’m a real summer season girl.  Even living in Brisbane where our winter doesn’t last too long or get seriously cold, I’ve had enough.

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Another month down and, thankfully, only one more of winter to go.  The dreaded winter ills hit me terribly during July, so I will be very happy to see the end of it.  Unfortunately when the ills arrive all craft and creativity disappears.  But looking back I still achieved balance, simplicity and joy! Continue reading


Well I’ve been doing a little stitching on this quilt of mine most nights in front of the telly.  I don’t know why I stopped working on it.  I’m finding it really therapeutic!


I managed to hand quilt around two stars this week.  I managed this amount just nicely.  I don’t want to pressure myself to do more, but if I get more done well that will be a bonus.


I hope everyone is enjoying a great week!




I recently mentioned we spent a long week end in Melbourne.  Oh, we love Melbourne so much.  We probably went at the coldest time of the year, but it was great.  Melbourne is known for rainy cold weather, but it didn’t rain one little drop while we were there.  Our main reason for visiting Melbourne was to go to the Van Gogh – seasons exhibition at the NGV.  It didn’t disappoint! Continue reading

Quilt – WIP

Well it’s been while since I finished my special baby blanket and I haven’t really gotten into anything else.  So I went into the dark depths of my craft room to look for a very long standing WIP.  It’s been ongoing for so long now, I don’t even remember where or what I was making this quilt for.  It’s from long before I started blogging, so don’t have any photos of the beginning of this quilt. Continue reading